Crystal Theobald

Crystal Theobald was an American citizen, and entrepreneur, who was born in the year 1982 in Riverside, California, United States. The 24-year-old lady was murdered by 5150 gang members in February 2006. 

The story of her murder became popular after Netflix made a Crime Documentary named ‘Why Did You Kill Me? (2021)‘, based on the murder of Crystal Theobald. According to sources, Crystal’s mother, with the help of her niece “Jamie”, found out about her daughter’s killers via social media.


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As per the media reports, Theobald was a 24-year-old American entrepreneur, who belongs to Riverside, California, United States. She was born in the year 1982. Her exact date of birth is not available. 

Crystal Theobald and her mother Belinda LaneCrystal Theobald and her mother Belinda Lane (Image via Netflix)

According to the sources, Crystal Theobald was 24 years old at the time of her murder in February 2006. As per the sources, the death of Crystal Theobald was a tragic consequence of gang violence. 

An old photo of Crystal TheobaldAn old photo of Crystal Theobald

She did not belong to any gang or crime. She was a Christian. Crystal graduated from a middle-high school in her hometown and later started focusing on her career. 

Wiki & Quick Facts

Full Real NameCrystal Theobald.
Age (at the time of death)24 years old.
Year of birth1982.
Date of Murder24th February 2006.
Place of BirthRiverside, California, United States.
Place of DeathRiverside Community Hospital.
Incident PlaceArlanza, a neighborhood in California.
Cause of Death Murder.
Alma materMiddle-High School.

Family Members of Crystal Theobald?

Talking about her family details then, Crystal Theobald was a part of the well-settled Christian family. No details are available regarding her father. On the other hand, her mother’s name is “Belinda Lane”. 

Crystal Theobald`s mother Belinda LaneCrystal Theobald’s mother Belinda Lane (Photo via murders in Riverside)

Parents & Siblings

According to Netflix, she has three siblings in the family including two brothers Robert “Robbie” Theobald and Justin. Crystal’s cousin sister “Jaimie” also helped her mom to found out the killers of Crystal Theobald. According to the sources, her mother was also present at the incident place, where she was murdered. 

Childhood photo of Crystal Theobald with her mom and siblingsChildhood photo of Crystal Theobald with her mom and siblings (Photo Source: The Tab)

Who is Crystal Theobald’s Husband?

No, Crystal Theobald was no married. But she lived along with her boyfriend named “Juan Patlan” in California, United States. As per the sources, she has also two daughters. 

Crystal Theobald with her kids and husbandCrystal Theobald with her kids and husband (Photo via Movie Maker)

According to Netflix’s Documentary film, Why Did You Kill Me? Crystal Theobald got married to her husband and also shared some pictures of her wedding. Reports also said that Crystal is the mother of two children including one daughter and one son.

Crystal Theobald wedding pictureCrystal Theobald wedding picture (Image source: Movie Maker)

Boyfriend & Daughters

Crystal Theobald`s old picture with her boyfriend Juan PatlanCrystal Theobald’s old picture with her boyfriend Juan Patlan

However, the names of her daughters are not available. According to the sources, Theobald’s lover, Patlan was also present in the car along with her when gang members shot Crystal. Juan Patlan was also shot by the murderers in the midsection but he recovered after the surgery treatment. 

Crystal Theobald with her daughterCrystal Theobald with her daughter

How was Crystal Theobald murdered?

According to the official reports, Crystal Theobald was riding in the car along with her boyfriend and brother on 24th February 2006 in Riverside. When they reached Arlanza, a neighborhood in California they were gunned down by rival gang members. As per the reports, the gang members started firing bullets at Crystal Theobald’s car. 

Crystal Theobald body statsCrystal Theobald’s death cause

After that, a gang member (identified as Julio Heredia aka Lil Huero) fired the gun in Crystal’s head. Gang members also shot her lover in the midsection. According to the sources, the gang did not shot her brother. According to the reports, Theobald’s mother saw the incident, because her car was just behind Crystal’s car. 


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Crystal Theobald’s Killer

Julio Heredia with white SUVJulio Heredia with white SUV (Photo source: The Cinemaholic)

After the incident took place, Crystal and her boyfriend took her to the Riverside Community Hospital. But unfortunately, Crystal Theobald passed away after two days of the incident. On the other side, her boyfriend was survived after surgery. After the investigation, it was revealed that no one in the family was involved with the gang members. However, no exact information is available as to why Crystal Theobald was killed.

How did Crystal’s mother find out the killers?

According to the media sources, Crystal’s mom, Belinda Lane took the help of her niece “Jamie” to find out the murderers of Crystal. Firstly, Belinda and Jamie made two fake accounts of Crystal on MySpace. Theobald’s cousin, Jamie posed as Crystal. They succeeded in reaching the culprits due to their plan.  

Fake account of Crystal Theobald made by her momFake account of Crystal Theobald made by her mom

According to the media reports, some of the gang members, who involved in Crystal Theobald’s murder, were arrested or some pleaded guilty to an array of charges. According to the reports, the main culprit named “Julio Heredia aka Lil Huero”, who shotgun was sentenced to lifetime prison. 

Crystal Theobald`s cousin JaimieCrystal Theobald’s cousin Jaimie

Two brothers named William “Rascal” Lemus and Manuel “Tripper” Lemus were also part of the gang. According to the media sources, William “Jokes” Sotelo, who is the driver of the gang’s SUV, was captured in Mexica Central. 

William “Jokes” SoteloWilliam “Jokes” Sotelo (Image Source: The Sun)

William Sotelo was sentenced to 22 years in prison on 23 January 2020. Belinda Lane played an important role to found out the murderers of her daughter, Crystal Theobald. Her idea also helped the police to found the locations of the culprits.

#7 Trivia About Crystal Theobald

According to the IMDb, on 14 April 2021, Netflix released a documentary series based on the murder of Crystal Theobald. The title of this Netflix series is “Why did you kill me?”. Netflix`s documentry series Why Did You Kill Me based on the life of Crystal Theobald.Netflix’s documentry series Why Did You Kill Me based on the life of Crystal Theobald.Belinda Lane and Jamie made the fake account of Crystal with the name “Angel”. Crystal Theobald was a successful entrepreneur and lived in Riverside, California along with her family. The height of Crystal Theobald was 5 feet 2 inches (in meters 1.57 m). According to the reports, her mother previously used to sell drugs. After the murder of Crystal, Belinda Lane left all the drug addictions.